Missing Something EP

by Senses Reeling

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released September 16, 2018


all rights reserved



Senses Reeling England, UK

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Track Name: Missing Something
A bigger house,
A newer car,
A clearer sense of who you are

Each seconds’ news,
Each new portrait,
An urgent call for more before it’s too late

Looking forward to a time,
When all your dreams stand in line,
When your woes are pushed aside,
Doubts replaced by pride,
Positives outweigh all doubts,
And every problem is worked out,
Till then,
We’re always missing something,
Missing something.

A narrow path,
A lesser time,
Now’s their moment and I had mine.

We strive for more,
But it’s still less,
We’re always still looking to impress.


Always frightened that we’re missing something,
The constant fear that we’re missing something,
Are we the Selfie Generation?,
With the missing something motivation.
Track Name: Some Small Control
When things unravel
And roll away,
We need sometimes to feel we steer
Come what may

To take a grip,
Some small control,
Do something to help,
A needed role

We think we’re in charge,
It’s all illusion and no plan,
Bit by bit it falls away,
But we grasp at what we can,
We think we’re charge,
But it’s all illusion and no plan,
Bit by bit it falls away,
But we grasp at what we can.

What we can do,
Will balance out,
All that we can’t change,
Our every doubt

A gesture here,
A helping hand,
Heading off what we cannot face,
In falling sand


We’ll take heart from some small control
Track Name: Prey (version)
This is a version of 'Our Own Prey' from Burst Through The Blue -


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